HB#25- Guest Podcast:: Freedom & Responsibility with Barb Lundgren and Yours Truly

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How often do we slip into old paradigms of parenting/learning structure without even knowing it? It’s easy to fall back into traditional patterns with our children when situations become uncomfortable or we’re not getting the outcomes that we expect or desire?  In this conference call, Barb and I discuss the rationale for these missteps and how to re-orient ourselves to a paradigm in which we are supporting freedom and responsibility for our children… and ourselves.
Topic:  Replacing Manipulative and Coercive Parenting Behavior with Trust and Allowance to Foster Maximum Freedom and Responsibility for Ourselves and Our Children and Teens

Despite our well intentioned motives, we err when we fall back on old school, conditioned ideas of what children need to become responsible beings.  Notions of withholding privileges, time outs, “natural consequences,” forcing a child to complete unfinished projects, setting meal times and bed times, for example, are all old school ways of being with children that result in resentment, angst, disinterest and a general lack of taking responsibility.  Let’s dissect how the development of self responsibility really takes place and some of the myriad loving and respectful ways of communicating with children and teens that fosters this.

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HB #5- Recognize and Reconcile


My heartfelt gratitude for the Rethinking Education Conference and my conversations with Dayna Martin which were pivotal in my understanding and working through of my own judgment. 

What you’ll find in this episode:

‘Reconcile’ (v.) – To bring (oneself) to accept

Stages: 1) defensiveness, 2) judgment/self-righteousness, 3) understanding

We ‘know’ we’re right…. so do they! 

Be strong and solid in what your goal is for your family.

Unschooling- not everyone wants to do this! Support educational reform. Vote!

Gentle parenting- set an example. Be true to yourself and model positive parent-child interactions. Everyone is doing the best they know how to do.

Seek support!- Read, attend, form/join a tribe! 

Music selection: Respect- Train

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