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I co-publish Rethinking Everything Magazine with my bosom buddy Barb Lundgren of the Rethinking Everything Conference.  Let me tell you a little about our magazine and a special price we’re offering to celebrate the release of Issue Three on July 1st!

Why is this magazine different?

Where do I even start?  This is an online magazine like you have never seen before.  The pages turn!  There’s audio and video from our writers and links to expand your knowledge and toolbox for your own personal enlightenment process.  Don’t like to read online?  Download, save, and view whenever as a full color, gorgeous .pdf file.  OR print your copy to read anywhere you like!  No other magazine gives you such rich content in any format to fit your reading style.

Who are these writers?  They are artists of change and inspiration in their own lives- people who have found it within themselves and outside societal lines to inspire transformational change in their lifestyle and mindset.  We’re talking everything from birth, parenting, and education to healthcare, finances, sustainability, and MORE!  Barb and I work with every writer and handpick the stories to fill each quarterly issue with tellings of change that will move, inspire, push, and empower you- the reader.

As you may know from the Humans Being podcasts, part of my rethinking process has been evaluating my own passions as I seek to support my children in their authentic lives.  Who am I?  What do I love?  Rethinking Everything Magazine is an integral part of this process.  I have experienced so much change in every avenue of my life and continue to proceed down the roads less traveled even as we venture out onto them (yes, we’re moving into an RV to travel North America!).  In subscribing to this magazine, you are supporting entrepreneurship, freedom, and growth in your own life as well as ours.  This is why we love this so much. 

Attracting and reading empowering stories of people jumping out of institutional thinking and boxes to find new and emboldened paths for their authentic lives continues to be transformational for us.  We hope you will join in the process- to think deeply about your engrained beliefs, to feel supported in your change process, and to LOVE yourself enough to feel the discomfort and empowerment of growth.

How do I subscribe?  I’m so glad you asked!  You can always subscribe from our website  and right now we’re offering a great deal- $15 off the regular subscription price. 

Subscribe now for just $35 for a a FULL year!

You’ll receive your first issue on July 1st– that’s SOON!



The Mother He Needs

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My article, “The Mother He Needs” has been published in the Jan/Feb issue of Life Learning Magazine  online. I’m very proud of this story. It is at the very core of what I feel is important in my mothering- intuitively feeling and truly listening to the needs of our individual children rather than societal and engrained expectations.