Who is Sarah?

Sarah Parent is the whole-life unschooling mother of two children who are powerful in their acceptance and exploration of freedom.  Along with her husband and favorite companion, Chris, they live life with an adventurous spirit and minds filled with questioning. 

This constant Rethinking, as it were, has resulted in the co-publication of Rethinking Everything Magazine (www.rethinkingeverythingmagazine.net)  a quarterly compilation of amazingly diverse and empowering personal stories of change received from Rethinkers all over the world. 

Sarah is the host and producer of the Humans Being podcast (www.werhumansbeing.com) in which she discusses unschooling, living consensually, and supporting authentic development.  She shares the Parent family’s adventures, trials, and wisdom in a blog of their free-living adventures- Clan of Parents (www.clanofparents.com). 

When Sarah is not at the computer or the microphone, she is filled by camping and traveling adventures, organic gardening, hikes, crafting, and culinary endeavors (though cooking for more than Chris seems to throw her entirely off her game).

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sixcrazykanes
    Sep 30, 2008 @ 14:28:09

    This is awesome Humans Being has it’s own site!


  2. Katherine Collings
    Jan 25, 2009 @ 01:30:05

    I found your podcast via Relaxed Homeskool podcast via putting “homeschooling” into iTunes Podcasts. What a journey! It is so refreshing to hear words put to feelings and thoughts I’ve been developing. I’m a 27 yr. old mom of an 18 month old girl and to-be-born-in-May baby. I’ve known I wanted to homeschool since I was homeschooled myself for a couple of years in 7th and 8th grades, but I’m so glad that the concept of Unschooling/Life Learning/Radical Unschooling is now being discussed and I get to learn about it! I also love that between Relaxed Homeskool discussions and what I’m hearing you discuss, I’m getting the tools and language for the concepts of gentle parenting and attachment parenting.

    While I’ve been reading about homeschooling vs. schooling, and even a bit about unschooling with John Holt and with Gatto, I grabbed a bunch of books at my library that primarily address schooling at home (which I knew I didn’t want to do) just to see if there was anything of value. One of the books I hadn’t cracked open yet was The Well-Trained Mind, which was highly recommended on Amazon. Then I listened to your assessment of it on your podcast as the driest book. So, I had to at least read the introduction! Wow, talk about putting emphasis on one type of learning! Logic, speaking well, analyzing information etc. are all important, but the implication in the book was that such skills are gained only through a careful and rigorous structure done for 12 years! Then, I watched Sir Ken Robinson on TED talk about how children need to learn to their strengths because for too long schools have emphasized the skills needed to be … a college professor! ( I got the link for that talk from your blog, by the way).

    Anyway, I sit in my living room spinning wool on my spinning wheel ( an interest that has come from my own unschooling, now that I’m all done with all the education I “should” have had, and now have time to pursue so many things I’m really interested in) and I’m listening to your podcast. Between that and the internet I’ve joined a huge community of people like me, and I’ve joined a discussion essentially about life and its purpose. What fun! Thank you so much for sharing what is on your mind, how you are living, and the ideas behind it all.


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